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iPads for Checkout

iPads are available for checkout. They are configured with some useful apps and content you may find interesting.


As many of the library's resources have increasingly transitioned to online or electronic formats, we have struggled with ways to ensure broad access to them for our university community. These devices allow you to experience using a tablet for study, research, classes and personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can check out iPads?
    Only current N.C. A&T students, faculty and staff with a current ID.
  • What is the check out time for iPads?
    iPads may be checked out for 5 days.
  • What are the penalties for damaged or late iPads?
    • The full cost of the iPad is $600.00
    • Late fees are $15.00 per day.
    • Fees may be assessed for damaged or missing parts.
  • Bluford Library iPads stacked up and displaying our home screen.What can I do with an iPad?
    • Access the internet
    • Work on class projects
    • Listen to music, watch videos
    • Read books
    • Access Bluford Library resources
  • Where can I check out an iPad?
    At the Circulation Desk, Access Services Department on the first floor.
  • What if I forgot my ID?
    You will not be allowed to check out an iPad without a current N.C. A&T ID at the time of checkout.
  • Can I renew the iPad to keep it longer than 5 days?
    No. Due to high demand and limited quantity available, iPads must be returned at the due date for others to use.
  • What if someone stole it? Can I get the costs waived?
    • Absolutely not, borrowers are responsible for the full costs of the device and all late fees associated with it.
    • You should report the device stolen as soon as possible to prevent late fees accruing.
  • Can I download personal music files or videos to the device?
    Yes, but all personal files will be erased once the iPad is returned.
  • Can I jail-break an iPad that I check out?
    No, jail-breaking voids the warranty and you will be charged replacement cost of the device. 

Checkout Policy

  • iPads are available for checkout by current N.C. A&T students, faculty and staff on a "first come first served" basis.
  • A current N.C. A&T ID must be presented at the time of checkout.
  • iPads may be checked out for a five (5) day loan period; no renewals are allowed.
  • Borrowers must wait 24 hours before they are able to check out another iPad.
  • iPads must be returned in person to the Circulation Desk; you will be responsible for any damage if you place it in the book drop or any other unsecured location.
  • Borrowers are responsible for any damages to the device, including but not limited to:
    • Scratches on the screen
    • Dents or scratches to the frame
    • Theft
    • Abuse or misuse of the iPad (whether accidental, unintentional or intentional damage)
  • Overdue iPads will be reported to the police.
  • Borrowers will pay the full replacement costs plus a $15.00 non-refundable processing fee (for a total of $739.98) if the device and all accessories are lost, stolen or not returned.

Please Note Upon Return of the iPad:

  • Access Services staff will complete a check-list to confirm all components are present and undamaged.
  • iPads cannot be immediately checked out after return; we need to examine, recharge and erase them. The device will be available for checkout the next business day.
  • All files on the device will be deleted at check-in.

Fines & Fees

Damaged iPads or parts will be charged to you at replacement cost. Fees may be assessed after the time of check-in if damage is discovered later.

Late Fees

  • $15.00 per day after the due date (to a maximum of the replacement cost of the device).
  • If not returned within 7 days after the due date, the device will be presumed lost. All your library privileges will be suspended and you will be charged the full replacement cost plus a $15.00 non-refundable processing fee.

Replacement Costs

iPad $600.00
Cover $49.99
Case $15.00
Power Adapter/Cord $59.99
Processing Fee $15.00