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Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

When you need materials that are not available at the Bluford Library, you can request an interlibrary loan or document delivery service.
Please search our Catalog ( and make sure we do not have an item before submitting a request.
Submit an ILL Request

What Is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Upon request, the ILL service of our Access Services department makes every attempt to find and borrow requested materials such as books, articles, conference papers, technical reports, dissertations and microforms from other libraries. We have no-charge reciprocal agreements with several neighboring universities and colleges.

What Is Document Delivery (DD)?

If none of our ILL partners have or will loan the requested materials, DD will attempt to acquire it. If any fees involved are higher than $10.00, you will be asked if you want to pay to obtain the item. A fee will also be charged for each additional request if you request more than ten (10) dissertations per year.

Who Is Eligible?

All faculty, staff and students in good standing (no outstanding charges or overdue materials) are eligible. If you do not return items or pay fees promptly, your privileges may be revoked.

How Do I Submit an ILL Request?

Before submitting a request, you must:

  • Search our Catalog and establish that the item is not already available at the Bluford Library.
  • Make sure that citations are complete and accurate, including not abbreviating journal titles and other crucial information.
  • Tip: provide printouts of item information from other libraries or photocopies of bibliographies or reference lists to significantly speed up turnaround time.

All requests must be submitted via the online form; contact us (336.285.4164, , or at the Access Services Desk on the first floor of the Library during open hours) if you need special accommodations under ADA guidelines.

Certain Items May Not Be Available

  • Rare, fragile or hard to pack materials
  • Reference books, theses, dissertations and books in special collections
  • Entire volumes or issues of journals, newspapers or magazines

How Long Does ILL Take?

Many requests are filled within days, but some can take two to three weeks to arrive. You can speed up turnaround times by:

  • Providing thorough, complete and accurate information about the item(s)
  • Informing us of other libraries that own the requested material(s)

Photocopies can be obtained via DD usually with a two- to four-day turnaround.

Where Do I Pick Up My ILL Item?

We will notify you by telephone, email or campus mail upon the arrival of requested material.

We will attach a form to the front page of the item indicating:

  • The date the item is due
  • Where to return the item
  • Instructions regarding renewals (if allowed)

Do not remove the form.

Pick up items promptly as some libraries only allow two to three week loans.

Paying ILL/DD Fees

Here is how we handle fees that arise from ILL/DD:

  • An invoice will be included with the item and must be paid with a check before you may receive the material.
  • If an invoice is forthcoming, it will be forwarded to you via campus mail or U.S. Mail. The invoice and check should be delivered back to F.D. Bluford Library, Interlibrary Loan
  • Make checks payable to F.D. Bluford Library.

Terms of Borrowing

  • The loan period, renewals, charges and conditions of use are determined by the originating library, not us.
  • All items must be returned directly to the Access Services (Circulation) Desk on the first floor of the Library by the date indicated.
  • Late items cannot be renewed; if a renewal is necessary (and allowed), it must be made at least one week before the item's due date.
  • You are responsible for any late fees or replacement costs that accrue while you are in possession of the item(s). These costs are set forth by the originating library, not us.
  • Items remain your responsibility until we receive them back at the Circulation Desk.

Limitations & Restrictions

  • We may have to limit you to ten (10) pending requests if the volume of requests is too high. You may be asked to prioritize your requests.
  • Requests may only be made for five (5) single articles from any periodical published in the last five (5) years, per calendar year.
  • ILL materials cannot be placed on Reserve. ILL requests made solely to "teach" students how to obtain ILL materials cannot be honored.
  • We will not accept nor process ILL requests received between December 12th to January 2nd.

Regional Borrowing Agreements

Fall Semester Hours
Starting Sunday, Aug. 18th, 2019
Sunday 1pm+ (start 24hrs)
Monday–Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open until 8pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Aggie One ID required for entry, 12m-7:30a
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